Ann Henderson

Ann Henderson, Founder and Chief Designer

Ann Henderson, one of New England’s premier interior designers, is known for the extraordinary service and the unique interiors she provides to prominent clients in the Northeast, and around the country.

Ann, an award winning designer, works and has been published nationwide. But she focuses on serving homeowners on the New Hampshire and Maine coasts, in the ski resort areas of Vermont, and in such cities as Boston, Hanover and Portsmouth. She specializes in working with people who are building new homes, renovating old ones, relocating, downsizing or undergoing other transitions.

Ann develops long term relations with her clients, who include CEOs, financial officers and advisors, educators, doctors, lawyers, fine artists and other professionals. Some clients have hired her to design multiple homes, and she has worked with different generations of the same family.



Our surroundings are our havens and our nests. Each client is a priceless asset to my business, helping me to know and to appreciate the unique set of values that inspire each of our lives and inform our environments.

My goal is to contribute what I know of architecture, color, scale and the decorative arts while learning from each client and in this truly collaborative endeavor to create spaces that are important and uplifting in their daily lives.

She provides a full range of design services for primary and vacation residences and also works on such commercial projects as offices and restaurants. Clients use words like “incredible,” “exceptional,” “conscientious,” and “insightful” to describe her, and applaud her “unique flair for color, style and room composition.”

Ann Henderson Interiors is backed by some of the region’s foremost contractors, painters, flooring experts, electricians, plumbers and other professionals, as well as numerous local artists. During her exceptional 28 year career, Ann has also developed a national network of vendors and suppliers

“Each interior is unique, and it’s exciting to personalize and customize the interiors to give a client the look they want,” she says. “Everyone deserves to live in a space that’s makes them feel pampered, uplifted and regal.”