Ann Henderson

Ann Henderson, Founder and Chief Designer

For over a decade, owner and principal designer Ann Henderson has been collaborating with clients to create liveable interiors. Her assignments include commercial, residential, vacation retreats, designer showcases and museum installations.

One of the hallmarks of her interiors is the integration of shape, scale, color, and texture to create an environment that graciously invites human interaction.

Her interiors reflect – rather than dominate – each individual client’s passion, tastes and lifestyle.



Our surroundings are our havens and our nests. Each client is a priceless asset to my business, helping me to know and to appreciate the unique set of values that inspire each of our lives and inform our environments.

My goal is to contribute what I know of architecture, color, scale and the decorative arts while learning from each client and in this truly collaborative endeavor to create spaces that are important and uplifting in their daily lives.

Services Provided

Office in downtown Keene, New Hampshire.