...Violets are Blue


When I started painting, I thought there was light blue and dark blue. But the more skies I painted, the more I realized that there were infinite shades of blue. For hours, I would stare at the sky, watching it change, trying to decipher the what I saw.

I remember one cloudless summer day, the sky was such a deep shade of blue, that it seemed to have a reddish glow...not a red sunset...but the blue sky itself actually looked red. I covered  my canvas with a crimson red base before painting a blue sky. Color is fascinating to me, because although we define each color, colors are on a spectrum, and meld into one another. They are affected by light and the colors around them.

Recently, several films have drawn our attentions to Vincent Van Gogh. Lover or hater, I think I think you’ll agree his color palette is unmistakable. When I say his name, certain hues come to mind. Even colors that we often classify as “cool colors”--blues and purples--had an unusual warmth and depth in his paintings. He often paired blue with gold...The Starry NIght, Cafe Terrace at Night, Wheatfield with Crows... all highlight these shades of blue and gold. And of course, how could I not mention Maxfield Parrish, who branded Parish Blue.


Adding deep shades of blue to the home adds a richness and warmth. Lighter shades can add a cool tranquility. Blue-green has the warmth of a Caribbean swim. Our homes are our havens...a refuge from the world after a long day….and they should make us smile. Whether blue makes you think of the ocean or sky, blue is open. Versatile.

The more I contemplate shades of blue, the more I want to immerse myself in a sea of blue. I’m going to close with an ode to navy and navy pairings...

Cheers to the navy and red

Our dear nautical, classic take.

And to the navy and cream

You feel at home...wherever I would.

Cheers to the navy and pink

Always my fresh, fun, adventure brigade,

And to the navy and green

Ever so snappy and quite understood.  

Navy, this is an ode to you,

cheers to the new black!